An out of the league effort : Girls at Yuwa School Inspire Australian Cricketers

By: Admin 29 March, 2017

Yuwa is a Non-governmental organization cum school near Ranchi, Jharkhand. The NGO works for the social development of girls from underprivileged backgrounds and is using a very different technique to achieve its goals. They combat issues like child marriage and human trafficking through education and team sport. Although this setting may not be similar to that of a private school with available resources but the same efforts can be replicated by private schools in order to achieve its educational goals.


Recently, six members of the Australian cricket team visited the young girls at Yuwa School, and got immensely inspired by their positive spirit. Sharanya Rao, a teacher at Yuwa, said, “Being a woman is the biggest challenge that they face, because right from when they are born they are discriminated against.”


The guests listened to the inspiring stories of the girls. Poonam, a student, said, “I want to become a police officer because if there is a bad boy who hurts a girl, I can help the girl.” Sharanya Rao, the teacher, said that her heart swells with pride when she hears the girls speak fluent english now when a few years ago they barely knew seven words of the language.



The girls beat the Australian players at soccer. Australian spin bowler Steve O’Keefe said, “They’re certainly talented kids.” He also said that one realises how fortunate and privileged they are when you see these girls. “You also realize how resilient and tough these girls are. They want to make a difference, they want to break the moulds,” he added. Through the lessons taught at Yuwa, these girls are getting a chance to lead a bright future.

This article has been taken from Yuwa Website. Click Here to know more.