No peace in Peace School : Controversy on payment of fees

By: Admin 23 March, 2017

The Peace Public School at Mathilakam here, which had earlier faced charges of teaching 'objectionable' lessons to students, is now in the midst of a row over students being locked up for not paying fees and on the National Anthem. A section of the parents have accused the management of locking up six students in the school room for not paying the fees, on Tuesday.

P S Hafsal, whose two children were among those locked up, alleged that there were around 60 students who had not paid the fees, but these six children were singled out because their parents had filed complaints about the school to the Child Rights Commission and to the DPI earlier. He said the parents had delayed fee payment as per the legal advice in the backdrop of a case against the school pending before the high court.

Meanwhile, in a statement, school administrator K H Haris alleged that the parents were trying to avoid fees by raising these allegations. The management has also approached the police demanding action against the parents for their 'false' campaign. The parents also alleged that the management had torn off the page containing National Anthem from the students' diary this year. Haris clarified that the page was removed after some mistakes were found and corrected pages were pasted in the diary later.

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