Music is the Only Language Here

By: Admin 20 March, 2017

The Bangalore School of Music and Fine Arts (BSM) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The journey it has been through, going from a school that literally started in its founder, Aruna Sunderlal's bungalow in Fraser Town, to a formal institution in music today is incredible. When Aruna moved to Bengaluru in 1987, there wasn't really a music school to talk of. As a trained Mezzo Soprano singer, she felt that there was a need for a music school in Bengaluru on the same lines as the Delhi and Calcutta Schools of Music.

The side cottage of her bungalow was renovated to house the school. It had four rooms and a mini auditorium. The school started off, in early 1987, with 20 music teachers and six students, including her daughter, niece, nephew and mother who joined as the first students in the Indian Music section. The school slowly grew and seven to eight rooms were added and the bungalow was where it all happened till 2008. It moved to the new state-of-the-art building in RT Nagar in 2008.


My introduction to BSM happened in 2000 when my younger daughter joined the chair and the association has continued from there on. Aruna commandeered me and a few other parents to help run the school. During those initial years, I remember how we'd make sure that the school was heard and read about in the dailies. Later, I was made the chairman of fundraising the school had no money and we had to raise funds which could be a tough task.

But then Aruna was a dynamo. She had this talent to motivate people and get them to work for the school. Eminent scientist Raja Ramanna and bureaucrats like Cecil Noronha and Chiranjiv Singh were early backers. Parents of students also fell in line with Aruna's dream of creating a premier music school. Raja Ramanna was in fact the chairman of the advisory board and contributed in developing the school in many ways.

Today, 15 years since my association with the school, I am happy to see how it has grown. What I find absolutely fascinating about BSM is that it gives Bengalureans opportunities to listen to music of high quality. Whether it is instrumental or vocal concerts, the school has always managed to organize concerts featuring western and Indian classical musicians of international repute. One such concert that I remember was when veena maestro Vishwa Mohan Bhatt came to perform for us as part of East West Music and Dance Encounter some years back.

He may enjoy superstar status but I found him to be so approachable. We have also had so many international performers who have performed for us for free. I think the one thing that my association with the school has taught me, time and time again, is this: Music is a great equalizerBrinda Abreo is on the advisory board of the Bangalore School of Music and Fine Arts.


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