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 Impact of Caste on School settings or premises

Ashish dekhmuk

Curriculum Designer                                    

In India, caste determines or seen as s representation of pure status, based on religious and ideological grounds. An Indian carries several identification tags. Like one can be identified on the basis of religion, place of residence and himself or herself but Indian peoples spells out in one more another form of one’s Jati, Gotra and Kula. And caste is the word which been used to convey different meanings and social categories.
And caste itself is divided into two categories, Upper caste, and lower caste. And it happens often that upper caste communities discriminated lower caste through various ways like starting from entering to temple to not allow to access water from the tap.
Despite having The Indian constitution recognizes every person as equal. There has been no discrimination on the basis of caste, gender, and religion. But thereafter also discrimination happens on basis of caste, gender, and religion. So, the researcher wants to find out how it’s impacting on school settings and try to find out what’s the root of it and what are the factors affecting discrimination.
I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all those who provided me the possibility to complete this report. A special gratitude I give to our Prof. Amman Madan, whose contribution in stimulating suggestions and encouragement.
Furthermore, I would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation the crucial role of the Azim Premji foundation, Virendra Sir, Narendra Sir and Govt.School of Bamor, who gave the permission to use all required equipment and the necessary materials to complete the research.
I have to appreciate the guidance given by Prof. Amman Madan as well as the Azim Premji Foundation.
Abstract 2
Acknowledgments 2
Table of contents 3
Rationale 4
Research questions 4
Conceptual framework 4
Literature review 5
Methodology and method 7
Research Design......................................................................................................................7
Research site…………………………………………………………………………………7
Methods of data collection…………………………………………………………………...7
   Semi-structured Interviews…………………………………………………………………...7
References ...........................................................................................................................10
A rationale
The graph of growing schools in India in increasingly high with the greater importance of degree of social stratification and in terms of providing resources also. With this the educated sections may believe that this is to be right but one thing should take consider that education can give advantages and disadvantages to certain communities or groups of children.
The constitution of India recognizes every person as equal which means that every individual in the country, including male and female from all caste, religion, tribes, educational and economic background recognizes or treated as equal. And there have been certain laws also there. But still, there is the existence of discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, religion, and race which is found in majorly all over India in places like Schools, colleges, offices, villages, and cities also.
Talking in terms of schools or education system, though schools are legally open to all communities still there is the existence of discrimination on the basis of caste and religion which found significantly in rural as well as urban communities.  
On the analysis of Secondary data retrieved from the website of Ministry of Human Resource of development, Govt. of India the average annual dropout rate of SC and ST student’s 51.41 percent of boys, 52.16 percent of girls, while among ST, 59.87 percent of boys and 61.32 percent of girls drop out annually.
Discrimination practicing in schools like, access to water only certain caste follow students will get to access the water taps in schools, participation in classroom those students only do who are from OBC and OPEN category and various another thing like sharing of mid-day meal.
Various research and data retrieved that there is an impact of caste on school settings like as I mentioned above. So, researchers want to understand how it’s impacting on school settings, what they're thinking towards career aspects.
Research Questions
I. How caste is influencing the school setting.
II. Where education systems lack behind so still there has been practicing of societies made norms are still existing and what is the reason behind that.
III. What’s the perception of stakeholders looking towards caste.
Conceptual Framework
My primary focus of the research is to understand the Impact of caste on education. On which various factors or through practices caste is affected on education in order to get full understanding my research topic it would break down in three subcategories while collecting the data during my research.
I. Perception: Understanding the perception of Teachers, Parents, and students about caste and how it’s affected on education. Understanding the perspectives of teachers and parents towards intercommunity differences in school enrolment, understanding the how caste influence in school participation like in terms of Peer relation, access to water, teachers behaviour towards SC/ ST children and classroom practices like monitoring in the class and participation in classroom discussion.
II. Practices: What kind of practices are procced in school settings and community regarding caste?  
III. Outcomes: How caste is influencing education, whether there has been practices like discrimination on the basis of caste still exists in the education system. And because of such practices is there children future are moving in which direction, completely betrayal from education system because of such practices, either may be accepting all this torment and continuing with this or to raised up want to fight against such system.
Literature Review
Exclusion and Discrimination in Schools: Experiences of Dalit Children
Nambisan studies show that exclusion and discrimination in schools setting its study in Rajasthan where the existence of Untouchability is great sense and which commonly found schools also so in the outcome of this barely 48 percent children had been completed even primarily schooling. Even today also drop out of Dalit children before completing eight years of schooling in the vast majority.
‘Chapter majorly focuses on their experience to relation to access to school including facilities and resources, participation in different spheres of school life: curricular and co – curricular and social relations with teachers and peers’ (Pg. no. 254)
In terms of accessing the water in school premises, when there was only one resource for access to water like one tank, one pot, and jar Dalit where not allow or permitted to take water by themselves and other caste children said that we don’t drink water together. Furthermore, talking in terms of participation classroom, the teacher will decide to who sit front rows in the classroom, those only students get chance who memorized the lesson or homework and even tough mostly children scared
to sit in front rows one reason for this is that may scold and insult them in front class and one incident mentioned that children left the school because upper caste children didn’t allow to sit in a mat.
When asked to children about participation in the classroom most of the students remain ‘Silencing’ and teacher mostly conveyed the message that, children have lack of ability, are not intelligent and not deserve to study. When it came to teach in Dalit leaders like Ambedkar teachers didn’t talk about this, if that part of  classroom discussion it might be helpful to Dalit children which inspire to learn and even though in terms of extracurricular activities Dalit children only get chance to perform or to participate during two national festivals Independence Day and Republic Day.
In classroom practices, the class monitor is always from non – Dalit community because it is felt that caste status mattered in terms of selection of monitors and even though it's happening probably many teachers appointed monitors who belong from teacher’s caste and even some teachers don’t even allow to stand for the monitor. Another task like, in every morning there has been a prayer of God Saraswathi, OBC students only will get the chance to incense stick and worship Dalit students don’t even participate in these rituals’ manner. As most of the time, Dalit students don’t allow to use water tap same kind of discrimination practice in serving food or Midday meal.  The idea behind providing Mid-day meal one is to provide nutritional food and another is it can provide space to bring equality and non – discrimination but sadly practices happen completely different.
Dropout Percentage of Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribes Children in India
Desai studies the dropout percentage of SC and ST Children in India and data retrieved from Official website of Ministry of Human Resource and Development for the period of 2001 – 02 to 2010 – 11. The problem of dropout at school in a global level problem but when it comes to India no doubt one can say that this problem is deep-rooted in our school system.
‘No country or nation can prosper or progress, if it has a weak educational sector and if there is any leveller in the world, what makes individuals, groups, communities, societies or, for that matter, nations to stand shoulder to shoulder with their developed contemporaries is the education and so holds true of the socially disadvantaged and they are no exception to it.’ (Pg. no. 98)
From the sources, it shows that the enrolment of SC children has increased from 31.95 million in 2001 – 02 to 43 million in 2010 – 11. When it comes to dropout on average 24.85 Million enrol at primary level while only 9.3 stands only to enrol at the upper primary level, it means that 62.57 percent SC children dropped out before reaching to upper primary school.
The study also talks about the factors which are led to increase to the dropout rate of SC and ST children social disadvantages and economic status of the individual, a family, and community one might be the reason for that. And we should agree that SC/ST economically and socially adding both factors this group is disadvantaged so there has been possible for dropout.
In this, it is also found that it's always getting tough or difficult to first generation learner to understand the value and need of education so illiteracy of parents is can be the factor for this.
And study evils that girl child is a burden is very common among this group so parents enroll the daughter but when it comes in higher education end up forcing them to drop out.  
SC/ ST categories are majorly from the economically poor background, so to help in-house parents pushing younger children to do some jobs and somewhere family encouraging the child labor.
Vidya, Veda, and Varna: The Influence of Religion and Caste on Education in Rural India
Borooah, V. K., & Iyer, S studies shows that, the influence of religion and caste on Education and argued that Vidya (education), Veda (Religion) and Varna (caste) are Interrelated to each other. The issues are addressed in this paper, is inter-community differences between communities which affect in enrolment rates of children in school and education level of the parents; a literate parent may be more aware of the importance of the quality of education and thus they give more preferences for schooling as compared to illiterate.
Another dimension is ‘preference for son’ which gives in many Indian families this implication is girls education. Parents perspectives towards girl’s education are such that in the last girls have to get married, it does not make sense providing higher education and thus outcomes of this is, with boys more enrolled in school as compared to girls.
Kanburgi and Kulkarni's study found in an Indian context, in Karnataka children spent four per day on household and directly productive work, in that there are gender division girls used to do greater household work and productive work mostly done by boys.
‘There have been chances of affecting the factor is village level variable’s, educational infrastructure only 11 percent in the sample in villages which didn’t have primary school, though 50 percent lived in without angandwadi schools, and 30 per cent lived in villages without a middle school within the distance of two kilometres.  (Pg. no.1375)
In this paper, in a study of Muslim perceptions about education, it was found that Muslim parents unwilling to send their daughters to school because of ‘purdah’ restrictions. And more reason they stated that dissatisfaction in India with the structure and curriculum of the public-school system, after BJP comes in power most Hindi textbooks rewritten to Hindu centric view of Indian History. This can be one reason not enrol their pupils to school because somewhere it hurts there religious sentiment.
Methodology and Methods
Research Design
Qualitative research provides scope to understand the impact and to produce much data with depth and details through interaction, observation and careful descriptions of situations.
The nature of research demand researchers to engage with not only with school setting but also a community, to understand various perceptions and aspects which impacts. So, making qualitative methods of research suitable for this study.
Research Methods
The primary data will be collected through semi-structured interviews and through observation as these are the methods of qualitative research that the researcher will be used while study.
Semi-Structured Interviews -
Researchers came with result that to preferred semi-structured interviews which help the participant to share their views, reasons, and experiences freely. One might be the reason is that the study deals with various aspects impact of caste and practices, taking personal interviews will be a helpful tool for the researcher.
 Research Site
The study was conducted in Government school of Bamor, Tonk in Rajasthan. In Tonk district there
has been two major caste which are Gurjar and Muslim. But having land, so there has been dominance of Gurjar in Tonk district.
Sample and Sampling
To avoid conscious biases researcher will go with random sampling method and will help to select participant randomly and there are no strict criteria for selecting participant.
The study was conducted in Govt. School Bamor, Tonk district in Rajasthan. Where in Tonk district majority of communities are from Gurjar and Muslim caste. And there has been a dominance of Gurjar in Tonk district.
While observing in the school settings, I found that mostly Gurjar (OBC) community children don’t want to involve the schedule caste (Berwah, Harijan) and Muslim students in a sense while playing and they have their separate friends circle and interestingly from different grades.
And I found very often in my internship period is that from 3rd grade to 10th-grade students they have very curious to know about my caste and surname as I didn’t disclose my surname.
So, having the 2nd majority of Muslim community in the district, the common perception looking towards Muslim students or community, students see them as a terrorist. While having a conversation with the students they said that these Muslims are terrorist, this person only responsible for terrorism. And this most often perception Gurjar and other caste students also.
The behaviour of mostly Gurjar caste students are in such way that they feel proud of their caste and in roaming or while talking with another student it reflects that from there way of talking and attitude and even though nature. Likewise, when they have a task to clean the school premises one of group reject to do that because they replied that it’s not our work to do. Harijan does such kind of work.
While having a conversation with other than Gurjar student when I ask them, ‘you not get hurt when these people tease you by calling your caste? In answering my question, a student replied that ‘sir we don’t get hurt by these things, this students’ daily practices such thing.
In the four weeks, I found that mostly Gurjar caste Students taunt or tease the other caste students through there taking caste name or giving feel them that they are deprived. And it’s very often found in the classroom because while observing the classes the students used to do that.
While having a conversation with a Muslim student, ‘he replied that we force to prayer in assembly but in my religion, we don’t do this and even though I don’t like to do that because other religion students not perform prayer which I perform. Then why me?
While in period of internship, in Rajasthan there was an election period after declaring the result, the candidate who won basically he is  from Gurjar community, so the next day in school most of Gurjar students started teasing the other community students like, ‘ our candidate won and now he is going to give job and money to us, what about you? Your candidate has loose.
When it comes to teachers, in the very first day of my internship in school, while introducing myself when they got despite I’m having Deshmukh as surname I’m not belonging from Brahmin community one teacher is amaze and said that how could it be possible. So, what I won't address here is that the notion of looking person changes as they got to the know caste of people.
Despite teachers having a common perception about various caste children, while teaching I found that they treat them equally, not have any common perception looking towards students but after the class, the things are changing.  
One day while interviewing with them when I told them about ethical consideration and seeking consent to record the interview, their reply is in a positive manner likewise when I ask is there any kind discrimination in school premises they replied, ‘no such kind practices are going in schools, we believe in equity and equality. But what I observe it’s completely against of this they have a common perception about Gurjar community students like, ‘they can’t do well in academics and mostly these students are very rude and arrogant by nature. So, in the classroom, we didn’t give much attention to these children. Because meanwhile in the last these students are going to be on the farm or will roam in the village.
While observing, I found that a brahmin teacher has not to lunch with teaching staff and don’t drink water from school water taps because he thinks that we are upper caste and it’s not suitable for our identity and that teacher also have the same kind of perception about Gurjar students.
I also found that only one teacher in that school who don’t have any perception about different caste and religion students, he treats all students equally and even though he aware about the discrimination which in our society this what I got from his interview and also after observing.
When it comes to parents, while I was talking with them, mostly they don’t allow the there pupils to be with Harijan, Berawah and Muslim students.
When I ask the teacher about their perspectives of assembly because having children from different religion still, you practicing only one kind of prayer, to answering my question a teacher replied that, this is prayer. Right. Why are you looking through the lens of religion, prayer can be same for all religion and in the last we worshiping goddess Saraswathi Mata so no meaning in it looking from another lens. And in replying that when I asked, ‘what if they got hurt’? So, the teacher replied that ‘there is no issue of hurt and all, we know our children are not going to hurt due to prayer’.
The kind of practices proceed on the community, students apply that same in schools.
And while talking with Harijan and Berawah parents very often they said that ‘we are some awareness of discrimination happen with us but what we can do? And even though society is not going change, so if we have to live here, we should accept this.
One day when I was in the community to take interview of parents, I observe that Berwah caste person taking water from Gurjar community hand pump as Berwah community, hand pump is not working from last two days, when Gurjar man got to know that someone using hand pump suddenly he says that from tomorrow we are not going to give water from our hand pump, file complaint against Sarpanch and solve your hand pump problem today only. So I was observing this and next day I went to a house of that Berwah person, and I explain the incident of yesterday so they were like we I have to face such kind discrimination and to live where we don’t have any other option.
Even though while interviewing with Gurjar caste parents, their common perception looking towards the Harijan is in such way that there work to clean the grooves or sewerage.
For the comparative the study I visit two weeks to Azim Premji School which is few kilometres from Bamor where I find in assembly there is no prayer of any religion, it’s basically of activities and speech. And having a conversation with students I found that they respect all the caste and not ever talking or teasing about any caste and in terms of groups also, I found that there is no grouping on the basis of caste. Even though teachers don’t have any kind of common perception towards any caste students, they treat equally to all children. So in the results, there has been discrimination on the basis of caste.
To conclude that students are might not aware or don’t have depth understanding of the meaning ‘caste’ they just implement the thing which proceeds or going in the community or maybe in their homes, they listen to that and applied in the school with their friends or classmates.
Even though literature suggesting and after observing in school students and teachers might have an understanding of discrimination but still teachers have a particular perception about students belonging from a certain community.
It often finds that Parents also promote their children to follow the societal norms and teaching them how to behave in society or community.  One can be solution is that  School should have taught values of democratic citizenship.
The kind of discrimination faced by SC and Muslim students are enormous.
While taking interview with teachers, if they know this interview is going to be recorded by taking
there consonant there answers or reply is change.
It happens very casually while I’m sharing my perspectives for some thought, teachers is not going
agree on that.
Nambissan, G. B. (2009). Exclusion and discrimination in schools: Experiences of dalit children. Indian Institute of Dalit Studies and UNICEF.
Desai, S., & Kulkarni, V. (2008). Changing educational inequalities in India in the context of affirmative action. Demography, 45(2), 245-270.
Borooah, V. K., & Iyer, S. (2005). Vidya, Veda, and Varna: The influence of religion and caste on education in rural India. The Journal of Development Studies, 41(8), 1369-1404.
Madan, A., & Tiwari, G. (2012). Educational Achievement Through the Lens of Social Inequality: A Study in a Tribal Belt of Madhya Pradesh.
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Thank you all for the wonderful times spent together. And special thanks to Himanshu and team EduExcellence for making it all happen seamlessly.

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George Arvind Harigopalan

Deputy Chairman, Sunbeam matric and CBSE schools (Program: Goa Conclave 2017)

Thank you all!! It was an awesome trip. First of many more with eduexcellence I hope. To education and new friends. Cheers!!

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Pratima Nayar

Principal, Junior School, Calcutta International School (Program: MIEI Bangalore 2017)

Greetings! The past 3 days has been an enriching learning experience for us. Thank you Dr. Chaudhry for making this workshop so meaningful in a manner that each of us could relate to. Thank you Saurabh for making us comfortable and taking care of the minutest things. I wish all of you success in your schools and h...

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Javed Ahmed

Trustee, Sprindale High School (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

Wonderful experience. A Lot of examples along with real time situations were discussed by sir Harish Chaudhary Had a wonderful understanding of latest HR Practices to be followed in Schools. A Big Thank you to Himanshu, Shweta plus the entire eduExcellence team for arranging this detailed workshop.

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Anil Thomas

Co-ordinator, Divine Child International School (Program: Finest Finland 2017)

Hello all. It has been a pleasure being with all, especially Dr. Chaudhry. The help and assistance received from Shweta was wonderful. Taking this opportunity to thank everyone. It's goodbye and God bless everyone always.

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Ganga Prasad

Head of the Institution, St. Miras (Program: MIEI Bangalore 2017)

It was a lovely experience with Dr. Chaudhry as a leader and the participants as his followers. I am sure each and every one of us have taken home some good memories and values which can be implemented in their respective schools. All the best to one and all.

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Rashmi Mehta

Principal, MJKPS (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

Thanks to Dr. Harish, life through his eyes is a huge learning. Great to share the journey. Thanks Shweta for your follow up and to all team members of eduExcellence. Meeting the participants of such varied age groups, experiences was enriching. It was so easy to be with all, very well chosen group at this MIEI prog...

Read more

Maxine Driscoll

CEO, ThinkStrategic (Program: EduCarnival 2015)

Thankyou for trusting in me and providing me the opportunity to present to CBSE principals. I admire the work you, your team and IIT-Delhi are doing to bring a change to schools in India. I hope our paths meet again in the future.

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Ms. Sharmila Majumdar

Section Head, Calcutta International School (Program: MIEI Bangalore 2017)

Explanations were detailed. I am totally satisfied with the content. Thank you Dr. Chaudhry and team.

Read more

Rama J. Sudev

Principal, GTA Vidhya Mandir (Program: EduCarnival 2016)

I owe my gratitude to the organizers of EduCarnival for giving me a chance to present my paper on Academic Leadership, which was very well received. The constant and constructive interaction during the sessions gave me a lot of food for thought. Several implementable ideas were shared, which I could take back to my ...

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Husanpal Singh

Principal, Arya Senior Secondary School, Haryana

First of all, I would like to commend EduExcellence for working on pain points of School leaders across India.I had a great learning experience during the aspiring leadership program where I learnt the specific aspects of a school leader's ideal management style. Again the Australia tour was very well organized and ...

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Geetanjali Grover

Principal, Jankidas Kapur Public School (Program: Finest Finland 2017)

Thanks Eduexcellence - Dr. Harish Chaudhary, Himanshu, Shweta and the Educluster team. Not forgetting the amazing friends on the journey. Thanks for igniting the spirit of moving ahead for the betterment of next generation and the society. Stay in touch. Looking forward to see you again on the next destination hopef...

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Podar International School (Program: JBTS Dehradun 2017)

Thank you TEAM EduExcellence and all participating members for creating a great learning environment. It was indeed a great learning curve for me. Looking forward to interact more and learn more from each one of you. Let me extend my special thanks to Dr. Harish, Gunmeet ma’am, and Headmaster of Doon School.

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Mr. Papinder Suden

Managing Director, Nosegay Public School (Program: Finland 2016)

I would like to sincerely thank Eduexcellence for making our trip to Finland an enjoyable one and worth our time and Money. I had a great time learning from other school leaders in the group and also the interactions with the faculty at the school & University were very helpful.

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Mohammed Fasiuudin

Chairman, Nawab's International School (Program: Goa Conclave 2017)

Thanks to Dr. Harish Chaudhry and group for excellent presentations and wonderful arrangements at the leadership conclave in Goa.

Read more

Kavita Khare

Principal, Heritage Academy (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

It was truly a memorable experience, what an amazing three day session in this MIEI programme.All the topics were relevant and informative. I go back enriched and raring to go. Thank you eduExcellence, I am looking forward to attending more such sessions in the future too. Best of luck to the whole team.

Read more

Ms. Prabhjot Gill

Principal, STS World School (Program: Finland 2016)

A very inspiring and elevating trip. Learning from the best education system of the world with a great mix of school leaders was amazing. I got the chance to explore the various opportunities that schools in Finland create for their staff and students. I also learnt about the specialized teacher training school. The...

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Sarang Jhaveri

Director,  Expressions Classes (Program: EduCarnival 2016)

The conference helped me in identifying the strengths and areas of improvements in the organisation as well as in me as a academic leader. The interaction sessions were very fruitful. It was very focused and gave us a chance to interact with many minds at a same time. I got to listen a lot of other leaders doing gre...

Read more

Dr. Jawaid Alam Khan

Joint Director, The Lucknow Public Collegiate

I personally feel that the visit has made us richer in volumes with the educational ideas and ideas which we saw, heard and felt.

Read more

Saumya Anurup Sharma

Headmistress, Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Senior Secondary School (Program: Finest Finland 2017)

Thank you Eduexcellence and Dr. Chaudhry for such an enriching experience and making me realise that there is a long way to work for. Thank you for giving us such opportunities to learn and evolve our methods. As being my first educational trip it has been a great experience and meeting and making a new family. Than...

Read more

Rita Kaul

Director, The Millennium School (Program: Finest Finland 2017)

Thanks Eduexcellence for providing us a fantastic opportunity whereby we observed a lot & also discovered more about our own country! Feel proud to be a teacher & lucky to have all of you as my friends! Thanks Dr. Harish for making Skinner come alive once more for me! God Bless you Shweta & let us all keep in touch!...

Read more

Garima Vishal

Teacher, Dejawoo School of Innovation (Program: EduCarnival 2016)

EduCarnival gives opportunity to educationists to share their hands-on experience with each other and build contact for long term. We learnt different education practices across different countries. The structure of EduCarnival is very well thought and well planned. I am fortunate that I attended the sessions. I sh...

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Saroj Suman Gulati

Director, Bluebells school (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

I express my gratitude to the all the group members at MIEI Program for making the workshop so lively. Hats off to Prof. Chaudhry, he is so lively, full of energy and motivation. God bless him with more & more. I really enjoyed every word of his sessions and every moment of workshop. My special thanks to Shweta, Par...

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Dr. Ritu Bhanot

Administrator, Sacred Heart School

The four day MIEI workshop was a nice blend of THOUGHT PROVOKING SESSIONS which took us on a journey through our insight and made us to set some higher goals as academicians and TEACHING SESSIONS which enhanced our knowledge on topics of our day to day concern. I cannot close without expressing

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Ms. Shahnaz Ahmed

Principal, Springdale High School (Program: Finland 2016)

First of all I would like to thank Eduexcellence for working so diligently around the issues of school leaders. The Finland study visit was a great experience not just academically but also in terms of quality time spent with other school leaders during my travel. The visa procedure and documentation was handled eff...

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Dr. S Rajesh

Principal, Bapuji Memorial School (Program: Goa Conclave 2017)

Still in the hangover of Goa because of Dr. Harish Chaudhry’s excellent presentations. An excellent program by EduExcellence. Everything was very well arranged. Thanks to Himanshu, Shweta, Parul and the entire team.

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Pooja Mannan Thakur

Principal, The Shri Ram School (Program: Finest Finland 2017)

Thank you everyone for making this trip an enjoyable one, it was lovely to know all of you. I enjoyed Finland with all of you adding your special touch, may you all be blessed always.

Read more

Renu Sood

Principal, Gita Bal Niketan Sr. Sec School

It has always been a wonderful experience every time I participate in the training programme conducted by EduExcellence. The management workshop that I was a part of in 2013 helped me understand the specific reasons of the problems that a school management faces. The recent Goa workshop brought forward a new learnin...

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Ranjeet Kumar Khatri

Administrative Head, Pragati English Medium School (Program: EduCarnival 2016)

One of the best platforms to interact with educators, thinkers and change makers of education world.

Read more

Mr. Geoff Lyonel Jonathan

Chairman, Apex Public School (Program: Finland 2016)

Eduexcellence has been conducting international study visits for school leaders for many years now and I have been a part of many of their other programs as well. We had a wonderful experience in Finland as it had all the essential elements of a study tour. We had live classroom observations, interacted with the stu...

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Mukta Mishra

Director, Kaushalya World School

It was a great learning experience for me. We had the chance to have firsthand experience to observe the procedures while visiting the schools. Learning mentors concept is not new for us but the procedures and documentation is very meticulous in U.K. schools. I am looking forward to more online learning from the sch...

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D. R. Singh

Principal, Jawahar Vidya Mandir

I express my gratitude to EduExcellence team members for taking so much care during the study visit.

Read more

Sabita Choudhry

Principal, S D Vidya Mandir

It was a beautiful learning experience ,the topics covered in MIEI workshop were particularly very helpful .The legal topics covered were a big help. Apart from the teaching learning experience there was very good cordial environment amongst all present and for that I would like to congratulate

Read more

Jyoti Gupta

Principal, Delhi Public School (Program: Finest Finland 2017)

Thank you everyone for such wonderful times. Will cherish the trip forever. Special thanks to Himanshu. Warm Regards to everyone.

Read more

Nymphaea Suden Reddy

Principal, Nosegay Public School (Program: Finest Finland 2017)

Thanks eduexcellence for such an enriching experience not only with the Finnish teachers but our inciteful Indian teachers as well. My best wishes to Dr. Harish and Ms. Shweta. Wish you all the best Eduexcellence!

Read more

Umeshkumar Radhakrishnan

Learning and Development Facilitator, The Galaxy Education System (Program: EduCarnival 2016)...

Most of the sessions were very informative. The key note addresses were enriching. I specially liked the session on teacher employability. Discussions with fellow participants were lively and very interactive. We could understand other school leaders' perspectives and constraints. Well organised by the dynamic group...

Read more

Mayank Sharma

Director Principal, Krishna Public School (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

Written Words can not express the level of content I have achieved after attending Harish sir's workshop in the HR management area and also the experience of interacting with the who's & who of the education sector. This is surely going to give a definite direction in improving my school working. Looking forward to ...

Read more

Ruhi Agrawal

Director, Shloka Birla School (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

Hailing from Bhilai, second base being Delhi. An Ardent learner, I express gratitude to all my co-learners. I will try to implement all that I could although I may not succeed in learning what all Prof Harish Sir wanted to impart because every time he speaks, I am in a different world. It is so engrossing. Thank you.

Read more

Manimala Roy

Principal, Basava International School

It was a wonderful experience in Liverpool. Apart from gaining insights into the new issues of education raised at the confer-ence, we made new friends and shared our perceptions.

Read more

Tamsin Islam Ahmed

Cultural Coordinator & Junior School Incharge (Program: JBTS Dehradun 2017)

This is in reference to the Dehradun 'Back to School' conference at the Doon, Welhams & Kasiga Schools. This was my first experience with Edu Excellence and has been a memorable one. A lot of knowledge based presentations, comparison studies, school campus excursions, principal interactions have broadened my pers...

Read more

Ritu Kaul

Principal, DPS Jalandhar

MIEI was a nice and enlightening experience. The faculties were knowledgeable and it was really great sharing time and learning things with them. Team EduExcellence has made very good arrangements and have taken very good care of us. I will look forward to be part of such interesting and enriching activities in future.

Read more

Nuzhat Parveen

Principal, Vidyanjali Academy for Learning (Program: MIEI Bangalore 2017)

Thank you eduExcellence team for the lovely workshop and warm hospitality. And all the participants for sharing your experiences.

Read more

Ms. Sadhana Malik

Principal, Bodhitaru International School (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

I have done few programs with Dr Harish Chaudhry and Team eduExcellence in the past. The kind of insights he has given me in this program (MIEI -HR management) has been very refreshing. I hope to implement almost every thing out of this programme in my school.

Read more

Rashmi Mehta

Principal, Salwan Public School

Workshops as these add a correction factor and make us review our-selves, our work, in the light of what life has to offer and in the context of our potentials and of those whose lives we touch. It made me get back to the basics of why I want to work, what is my vision and what's the legacy I want to leave. I think ...

Read more

Geethanjali Sathiamoorthy

Correspondent, Kamala Niketan Montessori School (Program: MIEI Bangalore 2017)

Thanks to eduExcellence, I’m sure all of us carry rich information and at least have something that we could try out on our schools. Thanks to Dr. Choudhry for triggering our thoughts with 3 days of insights from him. Thanks Saurabh for all the arrangements.

Read more

Mangala Vaid

Director Operations & Vice-Principal, Silver Line Prestige School (Program: Finest Finland 2017)...

Hello to this awesome family. Thank you all for the learnings, sharing and caring during this wonderful trip which has given loads of memories to cherish. We met, spent days together and walked away back to our own spaces but I hope we would stay in touch to join again for some other enriching journey! A big thank...

Read more

Rajeev Gupta

Director, Golden Bells Pre-School (Program: Goa Conclave 2017)

Thanks team EduExcellence!!! for a well-organized Goa conclave.

Read more

Dr. Anjali Srivastava

Vice principal, Archies Higher Secondary School (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

My heartiest thanks to team eduExcellence for organizing three days learning workshop on Human Resource Management by Dr.Harish sir. We have learned and received a lot of positivity from you.

Read more

Anju Mehrotra

Principal cum Director, Kalka Public School (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

Wonderful sessions at the MIEI program. Really enjoyed, thank you so much Shweta and EduExcellence team.

Read more

Gurpreet Singh

Principal, Scholars Home International School (Program: Goa Conclave 2017)

I think I am the last one to reach back to my home from Goa, but the best part was that I got exclusive 20-25 minutes with Prof Chaudhry. It was really nice interacting with him. Goa conference was well coordinated and got good experience. Looking forward for next event.

Read more

Samita Sinha

Principal, Surendranath Centenary School

Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to attend a seminar in the U.K. and to learn about the English system and then compare it with ours. It was a great learning experience for me and I took back a lot which I will now share with my colleagues. I especially enjoyed the school visits.

Read more

Mukul Sharma

Co-ordinator, Vivek High School (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

A Wonderful, Stimulating and absorbing three day workshop(MIEI -HR Management).A great way to refresh and learn new ways and methods in HR management. We all love stories, we learn from stories , stories stay in the mind they motivate and Dr. Harish Chaudhry is a great story teller. Thanks eduExcellence for organizi...

Read more

Vijaya Sethi

Principal, Vidya Mandir School (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

One can Possess a lot of knowledge and understanding for any subject area but it needs a good teacher/ facilitator to share the knowledge effectively.The workshop indeed included a very effective sharing and learning process all throughout the programme and the best part is that Dr. Chaudhry sets an example of this ...

Read more

Tasneem Khan

Principal, Daffodils Higher Secondary School (Program: EduCarnival 2016)

It was an incredibly productive conference for School leaders, Principals and Teachers as well. Would love to attend more like it. We have attended many conferences all over India but there was nothing like this one. Thanks.

Read more

Ms. Shruthi Y. Arun

Principal, VIBGYOR High Electronic City (Program: JBTS Dehradun 2017)

Thank you for everything Mr. Himanshu. Was a meaningful trip. And thanks to everyone else for engaging. It was wonderful to interact. Please keep in touch. You are welcome to visit my school when in Bangalore.

Read more

Ajitha Mary Chellam

Principal-Academics, Rice MMS (Program: MIEI Bangalore 2017)

Amazing Learning experience with all the participants. Thank you Eduexcellence and Dr. Chaudhry.

Read more

Dipti Arora

Principal, St. Thomas’ School, Dwarka (Program: EduCarnival 2016)

Excellent resource persons and material provided. A great platform for teachers to share the different issues faced in their daily teaching routine and various ways to overcome them. Techno savvy and up to date trainers inspired us to be in-tune with the younger generation and win their hearts & take over their mind...

Read more

Umamaheswari Balasundaram

Academic Coordinator, The Indian Public School (Program: Goa Conclave 2017)

Thank you so much to Himanshu, Shweta for all your arrangements at the Goa conclave.

Read more

Parveen Kumar Patpatia

Principal, DAV Centenary Sen. Sec. Public School (Program: EduCarnival 2015)

I wish to thank you & let you know that I had unbelievably wonderful time at EDUCARNIVAL '15 organized by IIT Delhi with the support of EduExcellence team under the heading 7th international conference in Excellence in school education having the theme - Academic leadership: Teacher transforming children on 27th to ...

Read more

Ditipriya Mukherjee

Middle School Science Coordinator, Sri Sri Academy (Program: MIEI Bangalore 2017)

Will look forward to many more such enriching and fantastic workshops with eduExcellence especially with Dr. Chaudhry! Thank you for everything, Shweta and Saurabh.

Read more

Ms. Dipti Goel

Vice Principal, Archies Higher Secondary School (Program: MIEI Delhi 2017)

My heartfelt gratitude to Prof Dr. Harish Chaudhry for such a learning experience for all the learners. It was indeed a pleasure to be a part of such an intellectual team. These three days will surely prove to bring a lot of change in each one of us. A very big Thank You to Team eduExcellence, Himanshu, Sonia, Shwet...

Read more

Saumya Anurup Sharma

Headmistress, Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Senior Secondary School (Program: Goa Conclave 2017)

Reached safely and had a great experience attending the present version of Goa edition learnt something new and refined something old so thank you EduExcellence team for this nice experience and it was pleasure meeting all the other school dignitaries!!

Read more

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